Wednesday, December 18, 2013

time flies... 4 years in a flash of light.

my last post was about Renault Megane RS... and it seems like the car has been released for like 3 years plus. man... i feel old.... that time i was still a wild mustang running around having fun on anything i can see.

let's recap what happened in 2010 and 2011 and 2012 and 2013.... that's 4 years of stuff.

- the year i lost my BFF because of RM90, so i gave him RM100, and ask him get lost.
- the year i met my current wife through a friend
- the year i almost give up in my relationship with her while i was a wild mustang and she's too homely
- the year i sucked it up and decided to go ahead with this girl.....

- the year i sold my RX-7, it's a tough decision... but due to the ever increasing fuel price, i decided to sell the car.
- the year i formed my own company to sell suspension, creating my own brand for the competitive market
- the year i attended my first major race in Sepang Circuit. the 4 hours endurance race with a Toyota Corolla GT. i got 3rd place among the strong drivers.
- the year i purchase the Celica for race use, build the car from stock car to race car in 2 months time.
- the year i race my first Sepang 1000KM race. and i finished the race at the top of the class.

- the year i got my Golf GTI
- the year i got poped the question to my gf (now wife)
- the year i register with her at the registras of marriages
- the year i manage my race team in Sepang 1000KM and my team went on podium as top of the class again.
- the year i made quite some Thailand friends that potentially becoming my business partners in future.

- the year i held my wedding dinner on the 18th January 2013.
- the year i pray to my ancestors that i'm going to take care of my wife for life 19th January 2013
- the year i was told that i'm going to be a father August 2013
- the year i found a new super close friend... and she's someone i know 21 years ago.
- the year i decide not to have such friend as things will be complicated.

this summarizes the last 4 years of major event that happen to my life.....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Renault megene

Yesterday I was able to test drive this marvelous car.  The renault megene sport cup. Its one of the best car I ever driven.

Most know I'm buying a golf gti. I normally will do a comparison with the golf. The styling needless to say its really sexy. Comes with recaro bucket seats, 18 inch runs . Sweet looking car.

Power wise it is more powerful than gti. Unless gti chipped in the ecu, then they are the same. But the biggest difference is the ride and handling. I expect it to be hard. But it's very comfortable. Digressive suspension design very little roll. Really love the ride and handling. The brakes are big red brembos oooooo lala. I really punish those brakes like I hate them. They are just too good.

Gear box then. Its manual. 6 speed.  The ratio is beautifully placed. I was driving 180 plus all the way on 5th gear and there is 6th gear I haven't use.

I won't buy this car to replace my 7.. Its a 2 door. It still suffer from the need of opening the doors really wide. And its manual.

Long live dsg.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

40 bucks friendship

how does one measure dollars and cents?

type A person
RM40... can't do anything... probably
- lose in magnum gambling
- can't even drink 2 pints of beer
- not enough for me to have a good meal

type B person
RM 40... can do alot meaning ful thing
- i can buy 10 pairs of ear rings at some small boutique
- i can have meal for one whole week of mixed rice
- i can save up and do something with it end of the month

i get to know a friend of mine.. type A...earning 7K to 8K per month.. but something happened. i tot i know him very long.. indeed it's really really long... more than 10 years... we're sort of like brothers...

but one day... he just distanced out saying that i owe him RM40 and his mom say it's the matter of principle and not a man of word. what crap is that.... RM40 and you're walking away?
it's not i deliberately ignoring RM40... i'm combination of type A and type B... i just somehow... forgot about it... he never wanted to remind me or anything... just one day slap me with this when i haven't seen him for more than 1 month.. i tot i was busy and he was busy as well..but when met up... it's fucked... he just kept quiet among the group...something is really psychologically wrong there.... freaking RM 40 and you're talking like " you owe me 40 i dun fren u" what a kid...

i'll probably bank in 100 bucks... and tell him... that's 100 bucks... and the extra you owe me... now at least it's 3 digit number that's ruined the friendship.... god bless you...

Friday, June 11, 2010


Does she look underage in this picture?

Monday, April 26, 2010

what an interesting weekend

guess what.... my weekend.... 1 birthday celebration, and 2 concerts back to back on saturday and sunday.

my friend's 29th Birthday celebrated at McD, we played games and run around and we ate ice cream and burgers and french fries, we are so happy at McD, happy time... happy happy go back home....

ahahhaha no la.. i'm just bull shitting. it's a suprise birthday party organised by EK's wife. it's pretty sweet to held it at McD. it's his 1st time of his 29 years of life to be having a birthday party at McD.
combined age of everyone is around 600 years old ahahahaha

then followed by a concert by Manhand. pretty interesting canto rapping group. 1st time having concert and it's in their home town...

then next day... sunday... rock climbing as usual... but only did a small climb due to lack of attendance. as for night time... kelly clarkson concert... ahahah my 2nd concert for the weekend. very good concert... energetic as well. but unfortunately.. it's pretty short... it's less than 2 hours of good music....

yeah.. had a blast for my weekend... but happy times ends too quickly... have to get back to work....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How come ????

How come can upload photo but cannot upload video. Keep saying failed to publish blog.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

no wonder

no wonder i can never close that chapter but forcing myself to read the next few chapter...
compatibility wise, rat + libran... vs me, monkey + aquarian... can anything be better than this ?